A Shower Cap You'll Love Wearing: Introducing TIARA Shower Cap®

A Shower Cap You'll Love Wearing: Introducing TIARA Shower Cap®

What’s the number one complaint women have about shower caps? The tight elastic. It’s uncomfortable and it can leave unsightly lines on the forehead. As someone who uses a shower cap regularly, I knew there had to be a better and more innovative way for women to care for their hair. 

Why Shower Caps?

Many women choose not to wash their hair every day, whether to keep it from drying out or to extend the life of a blow-out or other style. Shower caps are their only option but the elastic in traditional caps are so tight that they often leave marks. Daily use of a shower cap, with that tight elastic, can be very hard on the skin.

The TIARA Difference:

I have conducted thorough research into current designs and considered various new fabrics and shapes. The result was a unique tiara shape and the replacement of the elastic that borders the forehead with a soft terry cloth band that adjusts to each wearer. It works to keep water out, eliminate frizz, and keep the hair dry and fully protected.

Versatility Of The Reversible Shower Cap:

When reversed, the cap is the perfect choice for hair masques and deep conditioning treatments. Simply apply your conditioner and put the cap on inside out. When you are done, pop the cap into the washer to remove any remaining oils or conditioners. Wearing a cap intensifies the effects of hair treatments because the Tiara is machine washable, you can use thick cream conditioners or oils like coconut and argan without worrying about the cap—it will come out of the washer completely clean and ready to use again and again.

Level Up Your Self-Care:

Beyond taking care of your hair, TIARA Shower Cap® looks fabulous. For many women, showers are the only time in which they can relax. Don’t we all love the warmth that takes over our bodies from the steaming water? It’s like a private indulgence and self-care experience—no one will usually see you in your cap, but the colourful hand-printed designs and tiara shape will give you a little boost every time you look in the mirror and make your hair care routine more fun.

Invest In Long-Lasting Functionality:

The eco-friendly fabric will make you feel good too! The fabric is durable but soft, and its production keeps millions of plastic out of landfills every year. It’s also an investment as it lasts long and is reusable.

Ready to experience the Shower Cap and maximize your self-care? 


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