Much more than a Shower Cap

Hello, my name is Zuly Matallana. I am the Founder and CEO of TIARA Bliss Inc.
In just a few words, I would like to share what inspired me to create TIARA Shower Cap.
Traditional shower caps are entirely made of disposable plastic. You must discard them after only a few washes, and repeatedly purchase new ones. All that plastic gets dumped in the oceans or is collected in landfills, which is very harmful to our environment.
The shower caps I used in the past did not work, always leaked and water and humidity ruined my style.
Their functionality was too basic and unimpressive. I kept looking to find the perfect shower cap and one day I realized that it was up to me to invent the most amazing shower cap!
I worked with a group of Industrial engineers and designers that helped me create the perfect shower cap. Here are the 3 key aspects I focused on while designing and creating my revolutionary product:

Functionality – Water, Humidity, and Frizz are out!

I knew that the answer to creating a comfortable shower cap was replacing the elastic on the front. I added a 100% cotton terry cloth on the inside of the cap to enhance comfort and help wick away moisture. I further designed a wide band that fits securely across the forehead and blocks water and humidity completely. The band looks very much like a TIARA, and that is what ultimately inspired the name of our brand.

Dual Function: The TIARA is fully reversible for hair masques.

TIARA Shower Cap was designed with deep conditioning features in mind. The fabric we chose is ideal for hair masques and deep conditioning treatments. It is proven that deep conditioners require heat for them to penetrate the hair shaft effectively. All you need is to simply turn your TIARA inside out.

TIARA’s recyclable fabric absorbs the heat from your head to warm itself, which allows the conditioning treatment to nourish your hair thoroughly. Once you complete your treatment, drop the cap in the washer and dryer to clean it. Forget all about smelly shower caps because this is the future!

Sustainability: Because there is no planet B!

I am genuinely inspired by the circular economy. For that reason, I decided to create my product by sourcing recycled, waterproof plastic fabrics.

I personally invite you to treat and indulge in yourself! TIARA Shower Cap will surpass all your expectations. This patented, durable product is guaranteed to last for at least 1 year. Let us stop the usage of disposable shower caps that are harming our environment.

Feel the difference, proudly make a sustainable choice today!



The TIARA Story

Don't Call it Shower Cap - Call it TIARA

TIARA Bliss Inc. is a self-care and wellness brand based in Canada with a global presence. Our sustainable shower caps are patented and made with 100% recycled fabric and we are proud to say we are creating positive change by offering exceptional products. We believe it goes beyond the actual product. It's about the design, the craft, the way it's made, the way you use it, and most importantly, the way it makes you feel.

I constantly style and blow-dry my curly hair making shower caps essential in my daily routine. Though it didn’t take long to realize that disposable shower caps are not only ineffective, ruining my hairstyle, pinching my forehead and leaving creases, but also extremely harmful to the planet.

I decided to interview nearly 500 women with different hair types and they all agreed. Shower caps are supposed to protect our style and save us time but in reality, they are not big enough, always leak through, and leave ugly creases on our foreheads.

I knew I could solve this everyday problem for women all around the world. I created a unique and comfortable terry-lined design that is fully waterproof, reversible for hair treatments, completely leakproof and long-lasting.

Our first product is making history as we are answering the urgent call to reduce single-use plastic. With a utility patented design, our shower caps are like no others in the market.

Quality and functionality are at the heart of everything we do. We recently launched our second product, the Night Cap, which sold out within 30 minutes after the launch. Due to our incredible success, we are currently working on creating self-care products that promote confidence and offer a natural option for women around the globe.

Witnessing countless women fall in love with my inventions gave me the confidence to spearhead the TIARA brand to impact lives by offering solutions that work.

I invite you to experience the difference.

Zuly, Founder