The Story of TIARA

Unveiling Our Journey: Empowering Sustainability with TIARA's Natural Deodorants

Zuly Matallana is transforming the world of beauty, because no woman should have to choose between her health and her skin care.
TIARA began with a simple shower cap, but the mission behind it is so much greater. Every product from TIARA serves a greater purpose. The Shower Cap is helping to eliminate single-use plastics, which primarily end up in landfills or worse, our oceans.
And the newly released Natural Deodorant means women can apply a safe and effective product without having to worry about the ingredients entering their bodies.
After witnessing family members fight cancers linked to some of the dangerous ingredients in deodorants and antiperspirants, like aluminum, Zuly was determined to give women a choice, one that didn’t compromise on effectiveness, ease of use, and most of all, health.
Zuly’s sole purpose in life is to enhance the lives of women in healthy and sustainable ways, while preserving the planet. TIARA has partnered with Ecodrive, which plants one tree for each order placed.
By choosing TIARA, you’re demonstrating your values, and you’re committing to making the world and your body safe and secure.

The Creation of TIARA Shower Caps

Zuly then began the process of researching and designing the perfect, reusable shower cap. While sustainability was at the core of her mission, the practicality of Zuly’s invention was equally as important. The TIARA Shower Cap was designed to be worn two different ways, to protect dry hair while showering, or flipped inside out to be worn during hair masks. The band fits snug around the hairline, but a soft, fabric lining leaves foreheads crease-free.

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Maria Camila
Maria Camila

TIARA's Success

After launching, it wasn’t long before Zuly’s shower cap caught the attention of everyone from investors to international buyers. Zuly appeared on shows such as Dragon’s Den, Live with Kelly and Ryan, and The View, and TIARA is sold around the world.

What's Next for TIARA

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Watching her Shower Cap become a must-have for women around the world, and knowing that each one meant thousands fewer plastic shower caps ending up in landfills was incredibly satisfying for Zuly, but she wasn’t about to stop there! Next, Zuly created a Night Cap to protect hair while sleeping, which sold out immediately after launch. Now, Zuly’s formulated a line of natural deodorants, so that women can eliminate toxic ingredients from their daily routine.

Zuly’s sole purpose in life is to enhance the lives of women in healthy and sustainable ways, while preserving the planet. And she’s just getting started…