What is the Healthiest Deodorant to use?

What is the Healthiest Deodorant to use?

Learn the difference between synthetic and natural deodorants to understand how TIARA Natural Deodorant works to wick sweat and neutralize body odour. 

There’s so much scepticism around natural deodorant, and I understand why. Many people just don’t believe natural ingredients can be as powerful as synthetic ingredients, and those who’ve tried natural deodorants have been disappointed by them. I was one of those people. But I was driven by passion and quite honestly fear to change the market. When you watch family members suffer through cancer, and you learn the dangerous links between synthetic deodorants and certain cancers, it’s impossible to carry on using them.

So I tried every natural deodorant out there, and I learned that one of the biggest turn-offs was effectiveness throughout the day. Sure, natural deodorants can smell good, but feel nice at first, but they weren’t holding up to an entire day of commuting, working, workout out, seeing friends, and commuting home. They stunk (and I stunk!). TIARA Natural Deodorant had to rely on natural ingredients to absorb sweat and neutralize odours all day long, and I knew I could create a formulation that would work. 

Antiperspirants vs. Deodorants

To understand how natural deodorants work, it’s important to understand how antiperspirants and synthetic deodorants work. Antiperspirants work by blocking the pores under your arms with aluminum-based ingredients. This can be dangerous for a few reasons. For starters, our bodies need to sweat, it’s how we cool ourselves. Blocking those pores inhibits a natural and important function in our body. Furthermore, that aluminum can accumulate in the tissue in and around our underarms, like our breasts. 

 Deodorants don’t block sweat, they absorb sweat and mask odour, but the key here is to look at the ingredients. Synthetic deodorants rely on artificial fragrances, which typically sit on the skin and attempt to “mask” body odour. They also include ingredients that can irritate the skin.

TIARA’s Natural Formulation

In TIARA Natural Deodorants formulation, I relied on natural essential oils and natural extracts to leave a pleasant aroma on the body. I also tested several starches, and found Tapioca to be the most absorbent of sweat, and its ability to bind with scent, to neutralize bad odour, was a game changer.

With a combination of 14 natural ingredients, skin can still breathe and function with ease, while benefiting from a natural deodorant that wicks away sweat, and leaves a long-lasting, pleasant aroma.


Play the Long Game with TIARA Natural Deodorants

The number one piece of advice I give to anyone trying TIARA Natural Deodorant is to stick with it. People are quick to toss natural deodorants that “don’t work” but your body needs time to adjust to these new ingredients, to release the toxins from previous products, and learn how to function harmoniously with natural ingredients. It can take a few weeks until you feel the results, but I assure you, the gift you’re giving your body is well worth the effort.



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