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Tiara Black Dots Shower Cap
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Reusable Shower Caps | Black Dots | TIARA

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Available in four playful colours, the TIARA Shower Cap is designed to give you royal treatment while you bathe – after all, it is your “you” time. Constructed with a 100% waterproof outer layer and a patented terry-cloth inner layer, making it reversible for hair treatments. Plus, a comfortable cloth band that doesn’t pinch nor leave creases. 

How it fits:

The TIARA Shower Cap is 33% bigger than your average shower cap, making it ideal for every hair type. It has an elastic on the back for maximum comfort, that will not pinch or squeeze your forehead. 

Product care:

Every TIARA Shower Cap is machine washable and dryer safe, perfect for women on-the-go. Simply set your wash machine to cold cold water for best results. After washing, tumble dry completely.

Product Features:

  • Reversible for hair care treatments
  • Generous size that fits all hair types
  • Premium waterproof outer layer*
  • Patented terry cloth inner layer
  • Elastic on the back for maximum comfort

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